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Avar 2012

The 15th AVAR conference is scheduled for the coming week (12th to 14th November) to be held in HangZhou, China. Topics discussed will include the status of malicious software development, advanced persistent threats, trends and propagation modes of  zero day threats and other security related concepts.

Representatives from K7′s Threat Control Lab (K7TCL) will be available at the conference to both present their papers and participate in the panel discussions.

Saravanan MohanKumar will be presenting on the impact of prevalent rootkits on Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system, in his talk titled “Windows Ate(8) Rootkits” on the 14th of November at 9 AM. I will be presenting on the security implications of IP version 6 and Internationalized domain names in my talk titled ‘’ on the 14th of November at 11.30 AM.

V.Dhanalakshmi has a reserve presentation prepared on automated analysis of Android malware, in her talk titled ‘Good App? Bad App? : Unearthing the Android Puzzle via Automation’. All three papers will be available in the conference proceedings.

We hope to see you all there.

Lokesh Kumar
Malware Collections Manager, K7TCL

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