When it comes to cyberattacks, we have heard of data breaches and data leaks. How many of you have heard of “Data diddling”? Well, this is a type of cyberattack too and could cost the user or organisation a lot, if not taken care of.

Data diddling is a type of cyberattack wherein data is altered before or during entry into the system so as to fraudulently benefit from the crime. Usually done by a human, it can also be done by a computer virus. After benefitting from the attack, which is usually monetary, data is restored to its original state by the alterer. 

This is best explained by the following depiction

How different is it from a data breach and a data leak?

A data breach is an outcome of a cyberattack wherein threat actors gain access to sensitive information.

However, a data leak need not necessarily be from a cyberattack. It can be an insider job, too, both intentional or unintentional because of poor cybersecurity practices.

How to stay safe from data diddling attacks?

  • Regularly monitor your financial transactions
  • Follow the principle of least privilege in granting access to your users
  • Consider a zero trust security architecture
  • Consider using a reputable security product like the “K7 Security” series and keep it updated to safeguard yourselves from malware related alterations 
  • Don’t compromise your security by using free Antivirus products

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