The influx of unprecedented cyberattacks on the enterprises and the end-users is a never-ending story. And in Q1 2020-21 too, the story hasn’t altered a bit. Instead, the frequency has spread its wings further to unfurl the digital poison to a greater extent. While the global pandemic for COVID-19 remained one of the most significant reasons behind this, the mass digitization and the growing number of smart and handheld devices remained another fundamental reason. The ramifications of cyberattacks have made all the existing industries fall prey to the onslaught. 

To grab a glimpse of how the Covid-19 pandemic has helped the adversaries ramp up their attack frequencies, please download our “K7 Cyber Threat Report Covid-19.” 

Besides these circumstances, the availability of a wide variety of open-source hacking tools and malware on the black market has upped the ante for the evil threat actors to become more mature and execute sophisticated and targeted attacks. Not surprisingly, the threat landscape has worsened further in contrast to the previous quarter.

With our 28 years of reputation, K7 Computing has moved up in the game by building an even better protection suite catering to the enterprises and the individuals. As the malware plague pursues its wrath, we, too, as a group continuously strengthen our protection suites to offer full-proof security to our customers. K7 Security solutions have multi-layered protection to provide complete safeguard and keep the awful actors away from your systems and networks. 

Focus on Countrywide Telemetry

The inflated number of attacks across the globe was reflected in the country too. The mass-attack grappled the enterprises and end-users across many tiers alongside the state capitals, resulting in a 4% surge of overall attacks compared to the previous quarter. 

The K7 Q1 2020-21 Cyber Threat Monitor (CTM) report offers a granular view about the oncoming attacks blocked and reported by our indigenous 24×7 threat monitoring system K7 Threat Intelligence Infrastructure (K7ETI). 

Zeroing Down on The Threat Patterns

The K7 Q1 2020-21 CTM report also uncovers all the latest tactics, techniques & procedures (TTP) that the adversaries have put together on an array of devices. Our cyber threat monitor report groups the prevalent and existing threat on popular platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, and IoT. 

The K7 CTM report includes illustrated infographics and plotted myriad charts alongside a textual commentary to offer a better view of the critical malware kill-chain. 

During Q1, too, a plethora of Windows-based SMB servers was left open on the internet, resulting in the significant visibility of exploit based attempts such as EternalBlue. The frequency has also shown the enormous presence of dated, unpatched operating systems around the country. 

Disruptive Attack Rises

Irrespective of the platforms, the visibility of trojan has grown to some extent compared to previous quarters, indicating the adversaries are steadily developing malware to attack devices or networks to make money, accumulate sensitive financial information, or for other minacious activities, and are quite successful at that.

The ransomware attacks, too, are maintaining its constant surge across platforms. The threat actors have developed alternative methods such as torrent downloading to infect and take over the victims’ machines.

Final Takeaway

Apart from the detailed snapshot about the domestic threat landscape, the K7 Q1 2020-21 cyber threat monitor intends to spread the much-required awareness about cybersecurity. The report helps enterprises and end-users with specific mitigation tips to shield the systems and network from the onslaught of attacks, both at home or at work.

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