The digital world is growing so fast that everything happens with a click. For instance, the good old cash paid for in receipt of goods and services might become obsolete in a few years, as people no longer rely on it. Instead, they would need to scan a QR code in receipt of things.

So what is this QR code, aka Quick Response code? In simple terms, this is a machine-readable barcode that contains information that you need to make a payment for receipt of goods and services.

So, can we use this for receiving payments? The answer is a big “NO”. Let us see why.

Let us now see a scenario wherein the conman Shyam dupes a techie Ram.

Here is how Shyam dupes Ram.

Ram wants to sell his old mobile, So he uploads it onto an online website waiting for prospective buyers. Shyam sees this ad of his and is excited and ready to dupe a prospective victim.

Shyam (approaches Ram): Hi Ram, this is Shyam. I am interested in buying your mobile 

Ram: Oh, Wow, That’s great. I am happy that you are interested in my mobile. 

Shyam: Any reason for selling this mobile at a nominal price?

Ram: Oh yeah, That’s because I am planning to buy an iPhone; otherwise, I am happy with this mobile.

Shyam: Wow. Nice to hear. Okay, so shall we fix this deal?

Ram: Yeah, sure!

Shyam: So, before anyone else approaches you, let me transfer an amount of Rs XXXX to fix the deal?

Ram: Sure, Thanks. I will send you my QR code.

Ram (shares the QR code and waits for 5 minutes): Shyam, you there?

Shyam: Oh yeah, I am actually having some problem sending the amount. I will send you my QR code. Can you please scan it so that I can send you the amount?

Ram (without a second thought): Sure, I will do it.

Shyam (sends the QR code): I have sent the QR code to scan.

Ram (scans the same and enters the UPI pin): I have scanned it.

Within seconds, Ram gets a pop-up message on his mobile that an amount of Rs 2 lakh has been withdrawn from his account. Only then did Ram realize that he had been cheated.

Ram quickly heads off to his bank to block his account from any further transactions. He also files a case with the Cyber Police to get his money back.

Do you think Ram would get back his money? Well, that’s a different discussion. But if you are curious how the conman Shyam swiped off Ram’s account, let us tell you that the answer lies in the QR code and the UPI pin. One needs to scan the QR code and enter the UPI pin only for sending the payment and it should not be scanned for receiving the payment.

So readers, beware of such frauds and stay safe. Please, pass this on to your near and dear ones as well so that they don’t get duped.

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