Antivirus – A Short Note

Antivirus software helps in protecting your PC against malware and cybercriminals. Antivirus guards your data- web pages, files, software applications transferring over the network to your system. It analyses the unknown threats and monitors the performance of every program, flagging suspicious behaviour. It helps in removing the malware or blocking it quickly.

Antivirus protection is necessary, with out-break of continuous cyber threats. Suppose a computer antivirus software doesn’t protect your system, your device may face the risk of being affected by a virus or become a target of malicious software that may stay back undetected and wreak havoc on your devices.

If you have an antivirus already installed, you may think you’re protected. But it isn’t that simple. With many new and savvier cyber threats and viruses coming up, it is necessary to stay updated with the latest antivirus protection.

If there is any damage in your cybersecurity defences, cybercriminals may find a loophole to enter. However, hackers, scammers and identity thieves are continually tweaking their methods, so it is recommended to get protection from a comprehensive security solution like – K7 Antivirus “Your complete digital security guard”.

Purpose of Antivirus Software –

An antivirus software is designed as a program or umbrella of programs which focuses on scanning and eradicating the computer viruses and other malicious software which are also called malwares. Antivirus software is a crucial component of your complete online and computer security as it helps in protecting against data and security breaches, including other breaches.

From a layman view, a computer virus is just a cold virus. It’s created to pass over one computer to another and spreads malicious codes and programs that may damage and infiltrate the operating systems. Viruses are created to provide criminals access to their victims’ network.

These viruses, spyware and other malicious software are called malwares which can be surreptitiously installed on your device. Malwares are capable of crashing your system to monitor or control your digital activity. This control may give access for hackers to initiate spam and steal your personal information which could eventually end up as identity theft.

K7 Antivirus softwares are one of the best antivirus security softwares designed for all platforms which assures to protect your system against the following threats:

  • Analysing the specific files to detect malicious software.
  • Scheduling antivirus scan.
  • Scanning either one file or your complete system with your permission.
  • Removing malicious codes and software.
  • Confirming the safety of your device and other systems in the network.

As cybercrime has been evolving, either it’s your personal device or other systems on an extensive network, it is not advisable to let your system/network vulnerable. If you don’t have computer software, you are keeping the doors open for cybercriminals to get access to the most sensitive details and potentially garner control over devices.

Types of Antivirus Protection for Internet security

Different types of securities for PC have evolved over these years. When building an umbrella of protection, it’s necessary to understand the features of the best antivirus software available.

Malware signature antivirus

Malware or Malicious software injects viruses and spyware on your device without your knowledge. Malware can steal your login credentials, use your device to trigger spam and crash your device. Most importantly give cybercriminals access to your system and the data stored on them and even the capacity to monitor and control your digital activity.

Malware signature antivirus software finds malware signatures, which are fingerprints of malicious software found digitally. Antivirus protection such as K7 antivirus software can scan for specific malicious codes, analyse specific viruses and turn off these programs.

System monitoring antivirus

This variety of antivirus helps in monitoring software and computer devices for suspectable behaviour or atypical of the user. For example, alerts are generated when a user accesses unfamiliar sites or attempts to open a large number of files or when there is a significant rise in data usage.

Machine learning antivirus.

Another type of protection is machine learning techniques which supervises “normal” computer or network behaviours. The machine learning antivirus helps in limiting the activities performed by the device if they tend to appear suspicious.

Also, machine learning detection uses algorithms to analyse malware that has a broader scope. This kind of antivirus protection is helpful because it functions in tandem with other antivirus software to offer multiple protection layers.

What are we protected from – by installing a computer antivirus software

The beauty of malware for attachers is its capacity to get access to or damage a device without our knowledge. It’s necessary to know about the different types of malicious codes or malware against which antivirus program is designed to guard:

  • Spyware: Theft of essential data
  • Ransomware: extorting monetary loss
  • Viruses
  • Worms: transferring copies within computers
  • Trojans: Assuring something delivering something else.
  • Adware: Advertising
  • Spam: triggering unnecessary mails.

Isn’t windows defender sufficient

To begin with, windows 8, windows has built-in antivirus protection called as windows defender which is activated by default. But is it sufficient? The answer is “ maybe” as it is not reliable for evolving threats.

For example, windows defender is a perfect defence against traditional viruses. But it may not find threats other than regular viruses and may not guard your system against advanced infiltrations like ransomware. So, its effectiveness is analysed based on your carefulness. If you are going to access an email from an unknown sender or website, you need an added protection layer.

Does Mac need antivirus protection as you browse?

Although MACs and other Apple systems may not be targeted frequently like Windows systems, it is always better to get extra antivirus protection to be on the safer side in the future. At present, if you are careful about what you access, avoid accessing unknown links & attachments and are careful while accessing online applications, you could be safe. But it is an unknown risk you are ready to take. Safe for now, may change to unsafe hereon. So better install the best antivirus software like K7 antivirus for internet security.

Free antivirus software: How does it benefit?

A very frequent query is whether free antivirus software helps in keeping the system safe. But is anything freely available on the web?

Free antivirus supports and makes profits through advertising and tracking and installing junkware.

Free download may install hidden malware. If you go this way, remember to download antivirus software from trusted sites like K7 computing.  You must also make sure that your security set up is high enough to trace malicious codes.

Another aspect to remember when choosing free antivirus software is to be protected from identity theft protection, mobile security and data support choices. These significant security features are usually not available in free software.

Sign up for K7 Antivirus Software today: complete security for pc

Keeping in view the above risks , third party antivirus is essential. It can mean the actual difference between working safely on the online platform with your financial details and personal identifiable information (PII) securely locked at home and stepping out for shopping with your personal and financial data readily available in open to steal.

K7 Security offers Best in Class Antiviruses with internet security and top of the line defences against digital threats, protects PII and online transactions and makes sure email & links are scanned for trusted sources. Never leave your cybersecurity at risk, signup for our latest antivirus software version from K7 computing.

Your Safety Our Priority! – K7 Computing

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