Tips and Tricks to stay protected from the fraudsters play on unauthorized transactions on your ATM & Debit/Credit Card.

Check out on how you can be protected from the android banking Trojan that targets banking application-

Let’s rewind a bit!

Recently, an Android banking Trojan was discovered that had targeted about 232 banking applications. Be aware and Stay cautious; let’s explore how to stay protected from the malware by following a few simple security measures.

So, what does this android banking Trojan do?


  • Once it enters the mobile, it begins checking the application that is installed on the device.
  • While the search is on, the malware looks out explicitly for 232 banking apps ( these include certain cryptocurrency apps as well).
  • If the malware detects any of these apps in the device-
    • It pops a fake notification in place of the targeted app.
    • If you click on the notification, the malware opens a fake login screen which looks similar to the original login screen.
    • And if you happen to punch in your login credentials (like internet banking login ID and password) on this fake page, your data is under risk and trapped by the attacker.

Want to know how the android banking malware spread?

The malware is said to be spreading more quickly through fake mobile applications on third-party app stores.

Tips to stay safe from malware-

  • Never attempt to download applications from third-party app stores or by accessing links that you receive via SMS or Email.
  • Make sure to keep the “Unknown Sources” disabled on your device. This will aid in preventing the installation of unnecessary apps from unknown sources. You may check out this option in settings > security on your mobile phone.
  • Install a genuine mobile security app that will secure your device from fake and malicious apps.
  • Read carefully about the permissions asked by an app prior to installing it. If the app seeks unnecessary permissions; it’s advisable to avoid it.
  • Always remember to keep your OS and apps updated in your device. An outdated OS and apps attract targeters

How does K7 Antivirus help you to stay protected from an Android banking Trojan?

K7 Antivirus significantly decreases the threats to banking and payment applications like bank payment gateways and mobile wallets. K7 Antivirus for Android is designed to counter mobile banking threats and payment gateways threats caused by Trojans and malware.

How K7 mobile antivirus makes your mobile payments safe and secure?

  • K7 Antivirus ensures that your device and the network it accesses is safe when you process an online transaction on banking sites or online shopping app or make payment using debit/credit card through an online app.
  • It also makes sure your device is free from all kinds of banking malwares and keeps the mobile secure from all data-stealing malwares like keyloggers or spyware.
  • It proactively finds the infection on your phone or detects the tampering of the phone by any type of advanced malware and gives an alert before you proceed on any online payment related to debit/credit cards.
  • It also analyses whether your smartphone is rooted or not. Attackers can quickly target a rooted device to enjoy high-level benefits to process damaging activities like stealing confidential data, both personal and financial.
  • It also makes sure whether you are accessing a secure site “HTTPS” or not while you are proceeding to make a payment.

Wrap up

K7 Antivirus engages on all necessary actions that are needed to mitigate numerous threats while you are busy shopping, paying and using online banking on your mobile device. Protect your privacy and receive alerts while spyware or adware related apps are installed on your phone.

K7 Mobile Antivirus Software – “The Ultimate Digital Protection for Your Device.


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