Cybersecurity is a vital factor to protect any information of an organisation. Whatever be the company’s working scale, everyone focuses on the safety & security of their data. Yes, cybersecurity is a way of protecting the computers, servers, networks, electronic systems, mobile phones and particularly the data from malicious attacks.

To keep an eye on the company’s key information, companies focus on investing in antivirus for windows to ensure the security of the PC. Irrespective of the antivirus price businesses are spending on various antivirus software to eliminate the risk of the data breach. A cyber attack can be through any means, either internal or external source. But now the query is, how far is your data safe? How can you trace the threats before your data gets compromised? We at K7 antivirus software believe prevention is better than cure. Begin to enhance your cybersecurity policies. Here are few best cybersecurity practices to avoid your data from cyber threats.

Top 10 Best Cybersecurity practices for Business

Enable Best firewall protection

Introducing firewall protection for every network in the company is the perfect solution to avoid cyber attacks and maintain security for pc. The firewall stops unauthorised users from logging in their websites, emails and other data storage spaces that can be accessed through digital mode. It is also recommended to keep the firewall updated in the system of an employee who works on the backend of the company’s website.

Keep your security software updated

Make sure your antivirus for windows, web server and the operating system is updated with the latest versions & recent updates for the security of pc. Antivirus and anti-malware protection is under continuous revisions & updations to succeed in the fight against security breaches. Antivirus price varies with every brand & recent update. It is important to install recent security software on every system and the network to be safe from the latest cyber threats.

Enforce strong and safe password

It is necessary to maintain a distinct and complex password that can help in preventing cyber thieves from accessing the data of the company. We are all aware that a strong password comes with 10 characters, including numerics, symbols, lowercase and uppercase, but you must ensure to change the password at regular intervals. This helps in keeping away hackers from accessing the data.

Introduce multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication focuses on safeguarding the data by including an additional layer of security to the information that helps to avoid hackers to authenticate. Even if the hacker steals your password, he cannot access the data unless he crosses the next two hurdles or authenticates himself successfully in the second or third authentication factor like security code, OTP, fingerprint, voice recognition or more. It offers an advanced security strategy to protect your data and also helps to differentiate between shared account users by improvising access control.

Regular Data Backup

Regular data backup has acquired more relevance in recent years. Cyber thieves usually focus on your data, so it is necessary to have a back up of your data files and save it in a secure location according to the company’s security policies. It is necessary to protect data completely, encrypt the same and also frequently keep it updated.

Raise awareness among employees

Nowadays, companies plan sessions to train their staff concerning cybersecurity policies and antivirus for windows. Every staff has to be trained to be aware of the company’s cybersecurity policy. It is necessary to have knowledge about cyber threats faced by your company and also be aware of the importance of security policies with present security breaches that have occurred to analyse what are the consequences faced due to cyberattacks. It is advised to keep the employees updated with the information on how complicated it is to recover the flow so that they don’t compromise on cybersecurity policy maintenance.

Also, to be more interactive, companies nowadays get feedback from the present corporate security system and develop new ideas on implementing and updating a robust security system with an effective workflow.

Supervise Third-party controls

Controlling third-party accessibility is an important factor in security strategy for security of PC & networks. A third party person can have easy access to your data, and obviously, it entails a larger risk of insider attacks. It is important to supervise the third party actions to safeguard your data from breaches. It is necessary to restrict third-party access to a particular area and note to close the access whenever they complete the work.

Disregard pop-ups, links and unnecessary messages

With just one-click, you turn out to be responsible for giving access to a hacker within your company’s network. Yes, this is why it is necessary to be precautious of links, attachments and emails received through/from unrecognised senders. So never share personal or company information as a reply to such emails, pop-ups, attachments and any other means of communication that you don’t trust. Your company can support this by introducing email authentication technology that blocks every suspicious mail.

Observe the privileged users

Privileged users can be one of the worthy assets of a company or one of the riskiest threats to data security. Yes, privileged account users have the capacity to corrupt your data. Irrespective of the confidence you have in your staff, risks and threats are unavoidable. So, always limit the number of privileged users and ensure the privileged accounts are deactivated immediately whenever they are terminated. It is necessary to enable user activity monitoring solutions to keep track of any suspicious actions within your network.

Plan the cybersecurity policies

A written policy is considered as a formal guide to all cybersecurity measures implemented in a company. It helps the security specialists and the staff be on one line and enforces a rule that safeguards the data. However, the workflow of every department is distinct and can be easily disrupted by unnecessary measures. It is necessary to keep the policies updated to empower the security measures to the level that it can prevent the occurrence of any malicious attacks.

Wrap up:

On wrapping up, these cybersecurity practices can help in strengthening the security system to avoid data breaches. Every staff member has to be loyal to your organisation and must not compromise the company data, confidential information or any intellectual property information at any circumstance. It is part of your responsibility to ensure you follow safe online behaviour and reach out to the security department whenever you find anything suspicious around your system or network.

With the advancement in technology, your data’s safety & security are made easier with antivirus softwares for PC &  software for PC security from renowned antivirus software brands like – K7 antivirus software that offers highly affordable antivirus prices.

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