On the eve of another Data Privacy and Protection Day, it’s high time to frown upon our data privacy and protection. With the availability of the high-speed internet, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT transforming the world we live in today, Data Privacy and Protection Day has ironically become just another international holiday.

However, in reality, the purpose of celebrating the day is to raise awareness about the importance of data safety and privacy to stay safe from a plethora of malware, scams, data loss and related stuff. Here are a few tips for keeping your enterprise data safe from the prying eyes.

Be watchful about the Internet

The mass digitisation of the society has arrived with its own set of advantages and pitfalls. The availability of the cheap-and-fast Internet, decreasing price of connected devices has made our personal and professional life easy. But beneath these known advantages hides a bunch of murky threats, capable of infiltrating in your machine and robbing valuable personal and enterprise data.  To be safe, you should always practise the followings-

  • Use unique passwords for each of your accounts and manage them through a reputed password manager application.
  • Never reveal any of your Enterprise data in the social media.

The importance of being upgraded

Keep your Enterprise and personal device operating system, software/apps and internet browsers up-to-date. Most of the software usually comes with vulnerabilities which get fixed by the developers through software upgrades.

Device Access Control

You can find a plethora of spyware, both free and premium version, available on the Internet. These software/app are capable of tracking and recording each of your activities and data.

Enterprises, too, should limit the device access control to filter out extraneous apps and software to stay away from unauthorised access. Companies should also adopt to Mobile Device Management agents to monitor and restrict outsiders from getting hold of the devices. Alongside, the corporates should practise data encryption strictly with all the incoming, stored and outgoing data.

Refrain from Public Networks

Anyone should always avoid all the public networks available in airports, coffee shops, restaurants, railway station, and so on whether they are using a personal or an enterprise device. Such networks are usually crowded with too many connections and often gets a victim of man-in-the-middle attacks.

Data backup

Taking encrypted backup is an additional but essential step in any cybersecurity policy since it really comes handy to come out from a disaster. Data backups should be taken frequently to ensure all your data remains safe to avoid a significant loss affecting your personal life or business.

Involve a multi-layer security suite

Cybercriminals are smart and educated to find out tiny holes in any existing security. So moving forward, every enterprise should modify their security policies to stay secure. All your devices also require a multi-layered security tool capable of monitoring each system-running processes. Besides, it should also scan all the IPs the device is getting connected to for sending and receiving data.



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