Privacy is a myth when it comes to the Internet and with the growing cases of cyber breaches, it’s only proving to be true. By the end of 2021, cybercrime is expected to cost the world a bounty of $6 trillion. The stats have recorded a jump in the wake of the pandemic when people were working remotely and delayed detection and response cost them dearly. There are groups of people that constantly dwell in denial thinking,” It won’t happen to me”, but guess what, it does! People, a whole lot of them, don’t realize the value of a reliable malware protection software unless they discover malware on their system.

The growing trend of sophisticated cybercrimes is exposing the gaps in physical and information security. To counter that, investing in a budget-friendly or free antivirus might seem to be the smart choice. But being wary of fraudulent tools is a must.

Cybercriminals operate via a sophisticated mechanism to target OS, hence choose a software that is designed for your operating system and can be tailored as per your systems’ needs. So, let’s dive into a few features that you must look for in antivirus software before installing it.

–          Web Browsing Protection to filter out the URLs and web pages. Judging their potential risk and safety history, it can help avoid threats while web surfing.

–          System scans to review each and every part of your system and ensure nothing that can pose a potential threat is lurking.

–          Regular updates because the threats and their severity are undergoing changes every minute. Thus, your software should ensure protection against the newly-discovered ones too.

–          File scans for vetting any new files before you open them. This scanning is done by comparing the file against a database of viruses and known risks to ensure full safety.

–          Backup options that let you retrieve your data in case of device damage or theft. Also. the restoration of data should be a quick process.

Antivirus by definition should protect against viruses but given the wide array of threats that operate in tandem and not independently as previously known, it should encompass protection against them as well.

–          Protection against:

∙         Phishing attacks operated via malicious links that might seem harmless

∙         Spyware that covertly monitors your online activity

∙         Ransomware which can hold your information at ransom

∙         Spamming can collect a range of sensitive information by overwhelming your system with bulk messages

∙         Scamming where attackers may send messages through genuine user ids

The second most important thing after threat detection is threat removal, which is a must for effective anti-virus software. So, prevention and removal must go parallel. By efficient anti-virus software, we mean software that can:

–          Detect threats reliably meaning your important files do not get deleted during scans

–          It should not slow down your system: In the past, selecting a good antivirus had to be a balancing act between safety and security but it’s not the case now. Since these anti-malware programs are always running in the background it’s a requisite for them to be efficient. A light and efficient antivirus software should perform well inactive as well as background scans.

To gauge the efficiency of your anti-virus software, keep these points in mind while purchasing or even installing free software:

–          Multi-device and multi-platform

–          Compatible with other software

Be it your mobile, computer system, or any other device you use, they are all susceptible to cyber-attacks. Wise software purchase is one that covers these multitudes of devices and platforms that you prefer using. One software should cover all OS – Mac, and Windows and mobile devices

The software you invest in should not obstruct your system software rather should be compatible with it.

Now that we have explored the factors that make up for good antivirus software, it is time to explore the best free antivirus for PC i.e., K7. It protects your PCs across operating systems whether Mac or Windows along with mobile security.

K7 ensures all-around security for your system from new and existing threats alike. This internet security suite is compatible with up to 5 devices and even offers a 30-day trial period to ensure you are investing in the right software.

Some features that make it a worthy purchase:

–          Reliability: K7 Antivirus software is designed with algorithms that don’t obstruct the functioning of the software running on your system.

–          Usability: The genius of any tool lies in its’ simplicity of use. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy or the quintessential IT person to use it. A simple software interface that is easy to set up and can be used hassle-free.

–          Comprehensive protection: Any good antivirus software should protect against an umbrella of threats and encompass both new and existing ones. With K7, you can ensure constant protection of various channels and entry points on your PC against a plethora of malware

–          Performance: K7 doesn’t slow down your system or hog on your system resources that impact performance.

Investing in the right antivirus software can get tricky when there are so many options available in the market and they all claim to be the best. What actually differentiates between the best and the rest boils down to few key components that we listed above.

So, making a smart choice can also be about not complicating things too much. Understand your requirements and then invest accordingly. K7 lets you compare the functionalities of various software it offers. By analyzing your needs, you can choose the one that suits you. Also, considering the ease of use and quality of software are important parameters for making a wise choice. K7 mobile antivirus assures seamless working and theft-protect over your smartphone.

When buying software, take consideration of all the devices you want to be protected because cyber threats aren’t coming slow and no matter how much you neglect them, they’re there. Whether you’re always connected or sometimes active online, security software such as K7 is essential for your devices. Avail free antivirus trial and keep your data protected, always.


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