Do we need privacy protection?

During the unforeseen circumstances of the global pandemic, protecting privacy has become an afterthought. The topic of privacy protection is important to discuss, especially now due to the sharing of our personal details- such as health records and social contacts. In addition, adjusting to the changes in work and social environments has heavily impacted the importance we give to privacy protection.

Need for Privacy Under Pressure

Many companies around the world were not prepared for privacy and security threats while working from home. This raised concern among most employees which led them to keep an updated version of antivirus on all their devices-including laptops, phones, and computers. Evidence suggests that the collection, use, sharing, and processing of data of various individuals through digital tracing can reduce the spread of the virus. However, a question of appropriate confidentiality lingers in most of our minds. 87% of people which includes employees and customers are concerned about sharing personal information. A simple solution to this issue, is to download the best antivirus software available on your PC or laptop.

In the specific circumstance of a pandemic, 93% of companies continue to rely on privacy teams for protection against antivirus.

With the rapid spread of the virus, a large number of  people want a change in privacy conditions which could mean improving protection on their devices using anti-malware software.

Demand for Privacy in Organizations

Data is being collected every day from our usage of mobile phones, emails, social media, and banking, especially during the pandemic. This has paved the way for privacy to be one of the top concerns of any company. A survey conducted among security officials showed that over a third stated data privacy was one of their top requirements apart from assessing and managing risk and responding to risks. It is evident that a number of organizations are becoming increasingly aware of privacy concerns as privacy budgets have doubled in the past year in small and large companies.

This is further validated by most of the survey participants who stated that external privacy standards such as ISO 27701 are a critical buying factor. Due to the higher demand for privacy, companies are changing privacy metrics and adhering to employee needs.

Privacy leads to Profits

Data privacy and using the best antivirus tools, has become increasingly popular among companies. Over two-thirds of companies are experiencing higher profits, lesser sales delays, and induced innovation due to privacy protection. This leads the way to customer and stakeholder loyalty.


Gone are the days of imagining privacy from a mere compliance aspect. Pushed into the spotlight by the pandemic, privacy has evolved into a significant aspect for management, businesses, employees, and customers. This urges companies to choose only the best anti-viral software for their company, for example: K7 antivirus which is a renowned and trusted brand.

Stay safe online and offline!




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