The smartphone is an amazing gadget which seems to carry our entire lives despite being small and light enough to be held in one hand. The photos and videos of our most precious moments, our critical documents, work-related files, messages from our banks, navigation and transaction apps, communication with our loved ones, and our preferred entertainment are all available with us wherever we go.

The disadvantage of such a compact and portable powerhouse is the ease with which the device can be lost. Its small size makes it easy to misplace or be stolen. We could leave our phone in a cab, or it could be stolen from our pocket – it is gone either way and we have a major problem: we suddenly find ourselves unable to function in a world where everyone is expected to have and use a smartphone.

There are 2 aspects to a missing phone:

1. Physical Loss of the Device

Phones are not cheap. Replacing a lost phone is likely to cost us a significant portion of our monthly, or even annual, income. We will also need to obtain a new SIM card and hope that the old SIM card is not used to receive OTPs and steal money from our bank accounts before we get the old SIM disabled. We will be unable to make or receive calls or send or receive messages until we get a new phone and SIM, which could have significant professional and personal consequences.

Solution: Given how important our phones are to our lives, we should have the ability to track and retrieve our phone if it is lost.

2. Loss of Data Stored On The Device

The loss of data stored on the phone may be far more serious than the loss of the device itself. Data loss leads to 2 critical issues:

i) Replacement of Data

Difficult as it may be to replace a phone and SIM card, we will be able to replace them. The same may not hold true for the data stored on the device if the data has not been backed up. We will not be able to travel back in time and take photos and videos of special moments again. Precious memories may be lost forever if the device cannot be found.

Solution: We should take data backups frequently, and have the ability to track and retrieve a missing phone.

ii) Unauthorised Access to Data

If the phone is stolen, the thief may be able to access the data on the phone especially if the user hasn’t configured phone locking, such as needing a PIN to unlock, or if the PIN, passcode, or pattern is easy to guess. Unauthorised access to our data can be used against us, such as emptying our bank accounts through the banking apps on our phone; using the information on the phone to steal our identity and commit crimes or take loans that we will have to repay; extorting money from us based on embarrassing information on our phones; and impersonating us when communicating with our contacts to defraud them. Backing up phone data will not protect us from such consequences.

Solution: We should ensure that our phones lock automatically and the credentials to unlock are not easy to guess. We should also have the ability to erase all personal data on the phone to avoid unauthorised access if the phone cannot be retrieved.

How K7 Helps Retrieve Lost or Stolen Phones and Protect Personal Data

K7 MobiTrack + K7 Mobile Security for Android helps users avoid the problems discussed above by enabling them to Lock, Track, Retrieve, or Wipe a lost or stolen mobile device. The app will need to be installed and activated on the Android device before the device is lost or stolen. K7 MobiTrack functions through 2 methods to control the phone:

  1. On-device Controls
  2. Remote Controls

i) On-device Controls

After K7 MobiTrack + K7 Mobile Security for Android is installed on the phone or tablet, the user can configure K7MobiTrack with the following settings:

  1. Location Reporting – This allows K7 MobiTrack to report the location of the phone which is required to track the phone
  2. Enable PIN to Modify the App settings – Creating this PIN will prevent an unauthorised user from disabling the app
  3. Lock Device on Restart – The phone will automatically lock if the device is restarted. A Master PIN will need to be input before the device’s unlock credentials can be entered, acting as an additional layer of security if the device thief is able to guess the unlock PIN
  4. Wipe Device on 10 Wrong PINs – All personal data on the device will be deleted if the incorrect PIN is entered 10 times, preventing unauthorised access to personal information
  5. Lock Device on SIM Change – Enabling this feature prevents the thief from using the stolen device with a different SIM. The phone will automatically lock when the device is restarted after changing the SIM
  6. Custom Lock Screen Message – Displays a customised message when the device is locked

ii) Remote Controls

Once K7 MobiTrack + K7 Mobile Security for Android is installed and activated on the device, the user can login to using the email address and password they used to activate the app. This will allow them to perform the following actions through the website, after changing the device status to ‘Missing’ on the website, provided the phone has an active internet connection:

  1. Trace – If Location (GPS) is active on the phone, the user can obtain the precise location of the phone on a map by using the Trace function
  2. Webcam – This allows the user to take and receive photos through the front camera of the phone, enabling them to identify the thief if the thief is looking at the phone when the photos are taken, or obtain clues about the device’s location from the photos. The app will send the photo to the K7 tracking website where the user is logged in
  3. Alarm – This will turn on the alarm in K7 MobiTrack. The user can now trigger a piercing alarm on the phone from the website, enabling them to locate the phone if they can hear the alarm or alerting others near the thief. The alarm will sound even if the phone is in Silent or Vibrate mode
  4. Lock – The user can use the website to lock and unlock the phone. A ‘Lock & Alarm’ function is available to perform both actions quickly
  5. Wipe Personal Data – Activating this function enables the user to use the website to wipe all personal data and reset all device settings on the phone or tablet to prevent unauthorised access to the user’s personal information

K7 MobiTrack + K7 Mobile Security for Android provides an invaluable set of features to protect personal data and locate and retrieve Android phones and tablets, and includes mobile antivirus to block malicious apps and web threats. Visit the product page for more details and buying information.


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