K7 Celebrates ‘An Entrepreneur’s Odyssey’
to commemorate and celebrate K7 Computing’s Silver Jubilee
Presents the ‘K7 Medal of Honour’ to individuals who have contributed towards an Indian Digital Odyssey
Launches K7 Cloud Endpoint Security ensuring enhanced security and compliance for enterprises
Unveils K7 Academy to bridge skill gaps in the Indian cybersecurity space

K7 Computing that protects over 20 million customers globally against threats to their IT environments, has completed 25 years since its inception. The company celebrated this milestone by awarding the ‘K7 Medal of Honour’ to 30 individuals who have contributed to the digital India paradigm. Furthermore, the company has added a new product to its portfolio – K7 Cloud Endpoint Security, for its enterprise customers and has unveiled a new venture, K7 Academy that aims at bridging skill gaps in the Indian cybersecurity space.
The ‘K7 Medal of Honour’ was given by Dr. Rajendra Kumar (IAS) – Principal Secretary, Depart. of Youth Welfare & Sports Development, Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan – Former VC, Cognizant Technology Solutions and Dr. N. Kamakoti – MD and CEO, City Union Bank.
K7 Cloud Endpoint Security is a cloud-based enterprise solution that ensures business continuity and compliance by protecting sensitive data from malware and threats, securing network traffic and meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. Moreover, with low-cost internet, one can get a real-time view of security status for all connected devices through an intuitive dashboard.
With the aim to bridge skill gaps in the field of cybersecurity, the company has established K7 Academy. The Academy seeks to enlighten freshers who are interested in digital development, with a combination of technical, hands-on, domain-focused and behavioural learning modules. The first batch of recruits is scheduled to start the course in September 2017. The coursework will be a combination of classroom and on-the-job training and is designed by security researchers and experts at K7 Computing.
As part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations, K7 Computing organized an international trip for some of its employees in June this year. Over 40 employees were taken on a 7-day trip to Singapore, thanking them for their association and contribution towards the growth of K7 Computing.
“This is a landmark moment for all of us at K7 Computing. Having evolved from an anti-virus company to a total security company, I have always believed in evolution through innovation. We have constantly proved this by creating some cutting-edge solutions; K7 Cloud Endpoint Security is another feather in our cap. Furthermore, given that we have a detailed overview of the talent pool available in India today, we found the need to develop industry-ready cybersecurity professionals. Thus was born the idea of K7 Academy. We hope to make a difference and cater to the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals, machine learning experts and cloud development specialists”. said Mr. Kesavardhanan Jayaraman, Founder and CEO, K7 Computing Pvt Ltd.
“It is indeed a pleasure to have eminent leaders join us today to celebrate ‘An Entrepreneur’s Odyssey’. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to those who were awarded with the K7 Medal of Honour.” he further added.

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