The world of internet is a dual-edged sword. While making life easier and comfortable in many ways, it can put at risk everything you hold critical due to inherent vulnerabilities – internal and external. With the ever-increasing number and sophistication of cyber attacks, being safe in the cyber world becomes indispensable.

With an increase in cyber attacks, our attitude towards cybersecurity needs to evolve with the risks. It’s time to adopt a security resolution. We are going to make it easier for you to remember through this blog.

1) Always Change Default Passwords- Don’t merely rely on the default settings of your smartTV, router, printer, webcam, CCTV and other IoT and computing devices. Update their password at regular interval. Upgrade the firmware and always use two-factor authentication whenever possible.

2) Always use strong passwords- Password is the first defence line against most of the cyber attacks; hence, you should better be serious while building a password. Be unpredictable. Go bonkers and pick a password that will be impossible for anyone to guess. Pick a combination of upper and lowercase letters, special characters, numeric to make it robust. Remember, others mustn’t even come close to guessing it. Keep the length of the password in between 12 to 16 letters and use symbols, numeric, and combination of upper and lower case letters. For more information on creating strong passwords, see our earlier blog post on this topic.

3) Use a unique password for every website- Using a variety of passwords for different accounts and gadgets is a good practice. So, instead of using a particular combo of alpha-numeric letters for all accounts and devices, pick different password combination. 

4) Enable your PC’s Firewall- Always use a firewall. Whether you are an ardent gamer or a vigilant Batman on a mission to save (read – entertain) the social world, wear your guard. Choosing an appropriate and smart firewall is an apt way to keep the attackers at bay from your computer and network.

5) Think before you click- Being fast in everyday work is smart. But it’s a scruffy habit while clicking on a URL you’ve received. Always recheck the link structure and the authenticity of the sender. If your gut feel warns you not to click on it, leave it as it is. Repeat the same mantra while opening any PDF or image file coming from a dubious source. Most of the hackers us this ruse to draw in their victims and to get to their personal information or install malware on the target system.

6) Invest in a comprehensive security solution- The safest way to eliminate the risk from cyber attacks is to pick comprehensive security software for your system. It will keep away most of the malware, phishing attacks, and tens and hundred other cyber threats from your life and protect you and your valuable information.

And while we are on the subject of being cyber safe, let’s also remember to keep our social media accounts safe and secure. Make sure to scan regularly for connections who aren’t known to you. Protecting ourselves is our best approach to being cyber secure.

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