We are indeed very proud and delighted that Kaarthik Muthukrishnan, a Senior Threat Researcher from K7 Threat Control Lab, will be presenting his research paper at the 27th Virus Bulletin International Conference in Madrid in October 2017.
The VB International Conference, which has been organized for over 25 years, is a world-renowned security event witnessing participation from security researchers and experts from across the global security community. The VB Conference covers a broad range of IT security topics and provides a knowledge sharing platform for security experts. The VB Conference has been acknowledged as one of the most significant global cybersecurity events by cybersecurity experts, academicians and corporate giants including Google, Intel, IBM, HPE and Microsoft.
The VB Conference offers three full days of cutting-edge presentations, debates and panel discussions that cover all aspects of the global threat landscape. This year the conference will include discussions on topics such as emerging and advanced threats, combatting organized online crime, insider threats, anti-malware tools and techniques, mobile security, hacking and vulnerabilities, spyware, botnets and network security, etc.
Kaarthik’s presentation “Getting under the skin: an in-depth look at MSIL malware obfuscation techniques and strategies for deobfuscation” explores the entire range of obfuscation techniques employed on MSIL malware with a focus on the newest samples, explaining how they would affect signature-based Anti-Virus detections. Since the MSIL samples run within the .NET framework with their byte code interpreted by a virtual machine, the volume of the MSIL related malware seems to have increased at a huge rate. Comparatively, AV engines have been slow to support MSIL emulation and deobfuscation. The paper and presentation elaborate on deobfuscation methods, including a look at the possibilities of handling these in an automated fashion.
“Given the prevalence of malware written in languages that are compiled to MSIL, Kaarthik’s well-written review of MSIL obfuscation and deobfuscation techniques will be very valuable and both his paper and his conference presentation will be of great interest to malware researchers from around the world.” Martijn Grooten, Editor, Virus Bulletin

Cybersecurity experts, security researchers and other delegates from the security industry gather to discuss issues and problems related to cybersecurity and arrive at a unified solution that can be implemented to build a more secure cyber world. Having a representation from K7 Computing at such a prestigious event is certainly a noteworthy moment for all of us.
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